Psychic / Medium

I was born with the ability to sense people who have crossed over. When I was little and old enough to speak, I would say things and know things about people around me that were never said to me. I learned very young to keep things that I knew about others to myself because I would get in trouble and it was embarrassing to my parents when others would say, how did she know that? My first experience of being a medium that I can remember is when I was about 5 1/2 years old . I was at my grandmas house staying the night. I wanted to sleep in front of the woodstove in my sleeping bag in the living room. My great grandma was sleeping in her room to the left of the woodstove.

I woke up to a cold bone chilling breeze, so with my eyes closed I grabbed my sleeping bag to pull it up, and it was up around me, so I looked at where the breeze was coming from and my great grandma was standing to the right of woodstove starring at me. The breeze was coming from her, well that scared me and I hid inside my sleeping bag scared and confused. I peeked out and she was gone. In the morning when I woke up I went into her room still thinking about last night and how weird it was to feel that feeling and then seeing her and how I didn’t understand what had happened in that moment. When I opened her door to her bedroom she was lying on the floor face down with her nightgown caught on her bed post. She was dead. It took me years later into my mid 20’s to process what had happened that night.

I’ve come to realize that my abilities are a gift not a curse. Over the years I have had many crossed over spirits coming to me in the craziest bizarre ways to get their message to their loved one. It’s the most rewarding feeling when this happens . It’s always healing for the living person to receive the message from their loved one.

30 minutes $100.00
60 minutes $175.00

Note: Please check my calendar to book your reading with me. I look forward to meeting you.